WayneEddieHigher Ground is a team of men called by God to carry His message around the world. After more than 40 years of consistent ministry in prophetic singing, writing, teaching and preaching, the team is equipped to speak into the lives of God’s people everywhere. Wayne Hilliard, Eddie Combs and Jody Braselton possess abilities to reach both young and old with the message of God’s Kingdom. With demonstration activation of God-given gifts, Higher Ground imparts life and blessing to leaders who pursue excellence in ministry. Annual conferences, crusades and training seminars outline the work and ministry of these men.

Noted for popular songs of praise and worship and songs of declarative truths, Higher Ground has over 20 recordings to their credit, setting the pace for much of the music heard today in Christendom. Their mission continues to call the church to a higher level in God, accentuation praise and worship in every setting. These well-able men of ministry continue to inspire and change the destiny of everyone they touch.